Collapsible Bladder Container

Commercial 1st Investment opportunity available

Bulk Liquid Transport Innovation

The patented collapsible bladder container design offers the potential for significant financial, environmental and social benefits through the more efficient use of the existing rail and/or road transport network.

Issue -
Current inefficient transport logistics with rail wagons returning empty to mine sites - MUST BE A BETTER WAY
Solution - The Collapsible Bladder Container.
Patented design technology for transporting bulk liquid consumables (especially DIESEL FUEL) to mine sites using return journey empty rail wagons without impacting the normal mine output rail wagon loading/unloading timing cycle.

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Consultant Report
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The Investment Opportunity

The patent owner is currently seeking expressions of interest to either:

a) Exclusively or non-exclusively license the patented design (Australian patents 2018212935 & 2022203349); or
b) Acquire exclusive rights to patented design (Australian patents 2018212935 & 2022203349).

It is expected that either option would require the investor to develop a prototype of the patented design to progress to full commercialisation.

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